About the Roman Forum

If you want to visit the heart of Ancient Rome, the Roman Forum Tour is the best way to experience the history of the ancient city. You will walk down the Via Sacra, or Sacred Way, of the Roman Forum, also known as the triumphal road. This is the same path that victorious Roman generals would follow when they returned from abroad. Every stone that lies within the Roman Forum is connected to the great moments from Ancient Rome’s past.

The Roman Forum Tour will also lead you past the triumphal arches. The Arch of Titus is especially well preserved and detailed. The Arch of Constantine is also visible from the 2nd floor balcony of the Colosseum. Only a few of these incredible arches still remain, and even fewer are well preserved.

During the Colosseum and Roman Forum tour your guide will lead you through the once bustling marketplace that was ruled by the shopkeepers and moneylenders. The Roman Forum was the focal point of the Ancient Roman Empire and was home to many religious and political buildings such as the Basilica of Maxentius and the Senate House. Although this was not the Senate House in which Julius Caesar was assassinated, you will find the temple of Julius Caesar in the Roman Forum.

With so many layers of history and architecture in the Ancient City, choosing a Colosseum and Roman Forum tour is an excellent way to experience it all. You will walk the ancient roman roads with a local guide who is an expert in their field. Not only will you visit Rome’s most famous monument, you will learn the history as well. When you walk past the broken pieces of marble strewn about the valley and past ancient temples, it is hard to believe that this area was once a vast swampland.

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