About Colosseum Night Tour

With breathtaking views, smaller crowds and VIP access, a night tour is the best and most exclusive way to enjoy a visit to Rome's famous Colosseum. When you visit the Colosseum at night, you experience it in a unique way. The Colosseum seems even more imposing with the starry night sky as a backdrop.

After the crowds have gone home and night has fallen in Rome, the ancient city is lit up like a jewel and an exclusive few are allowed to visit the Colosseum at night. By joining this Colosseum evening tour, an expert guide will lead the way and enhance your experience with fascinating tales from ancient Roman history. You will get to imagine the gladiators battling on the Colosseum arena floor in front of thousands of spectators.

Depending on the type of tour you choose, you can experience just the Colosseum at night or you can opt for a walk down the impressive Via Fori Imperiali. Flanked on either side with ancient markets and dramatic architecture, your guide will describe the importance of these forums while you admire the solitary columns and grand basilicas. One of the best views in Rome can be seen during an evening walk past the Roman Forum. There are a few lonely columns that are dramatically lit in a valley flooded with the remnants of ancient Rome.

Entering the Colosseum at night is already one of the most sought after experiences in Rome, so when the evening tour of the Colosseum includes special exhibitions the experience is all the more magical. The Colosseum is known for its accurate and detailed exhibitions and productions. At different times throughout the year the Colosseum night visit may also include video projections on the arena floor or perhaps the next big project that archaeologists have dreamt up. These opportunities are truly once-in-a-lifetime!

Colosseum Night Tour Highlights

        • The Colosseum at Night is one of Rome’s most beautiful sights. Entering the monument at night is even more special.
        • Experiencing the Colosseum when it is less crowded allows you more time and freedom to explore. Learning the history from a local expert makes you appreciate the Colosseum that much more.
        • On these special Night Tours in the Colosseum, you’ll get the most dramatic experience and thrill of entering the moonlit ancient amphitheater.
        • This after hours tour has limited spots and only a select few are allowed once the sun has gone down.
        • Walking through the Colosseum at night and imagining what it must have been like to be in Ancient Rome and have the freedom to walk through the amphitheater whenever you wanted.
        • Experience the beauty of ancient Rome as you walk down the Via Fori Imperiali and admire the dramatically lit ancient ruins (depending on the itinerary you book).
        • Walking with your guide past Trajan’s column as well as the Trajan Market as you prepare to enter the Colosseum.
        • Hear stories of Rome’s legendary characters from a local tour guide that is an expert in the field.
        • Walk the Colosseum’s eerily-lit and looming corridors as your guide leads you towards its inner arena.
        • The Colosseum at night is so much more serene and less crowded than during the day when thousands of tourists are trying to enter.
        • Seeing the monument in the distance and walking past the beautifully spooky Roman Forum on the way to your Colosseum Night Tour.
        • After the Colosseum evening tour has finished, sitting the piazza and thinking about its incredible history while basking in the glow of the monument.
        • Access to the Colosseum Arena Floor and/or Colosseum Underground may be included, this depends entirely on the Colosseum administration’s decision on what to include in the ticket (it is not up to the tour providers).

        Visitor Highlights

        • Meet your guide and get to know your small group as you anxiously await the moment when you can enter the Colosseum under the moonlight. When you visit the Colosseum at night with such exclusive tickets, it makes the whole group come together in a special way.
        • The Colosseum’s facade is especially impactful at night and your guide will point out the detail in the columns as well as the holes in the facade. The golden lights cause it to glow like a jewel, especially with the night sky as a backdrop.
        • Explore the eerie corridors as your guide tells tales of gladiator battles and take a moment to think about the amount of men and women that lost their lives in the Colosseum.
        • When the Colosseum Evening tour begins, you will be standing at the base of the monument and inspecting the facade as your guide recounts the history of the ancient city. The moment when you get to enter the building is absolutely magical.
        • Walk the Via Fori Imperiali and admire the breathtaking views into the empty Roman Forum. There are ancient marble remnants strewn about the grassy field with a few standing columns.
        • Access to the arena floor and/or underground may be included during the visit. The areas of access are determined by the Colosseum staff and apply to every type of Colosseum night ticket.
        • Getting a photo of yourself while standing on the arena floor is always an amazing opportunity and it is even more special during the Colosseum Evening Tour. It will be a memory that lasts a lifetime.
        • Taking the opportunity to visit the Colosseum at night is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences in Rome. Not only to visit the famous monument, but to do it with fewer crowds and in a beautiful setting.

        Travel Tips

        • Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, this will ensure you have enough time to find your Colosseum Night Tour meeting point.
        • While there are a few on-site toilets at the Colosseum, the waiting time can take a while. So be prepared!
        • You won’t find any luggage facilities, restaurants or cafes on-site.
        • All of the entrances to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill have a mandatory security check. This check cannot be avoided and is necessary for the safety of all visitors.
        • Only small bags are allowed inside the Colosseum. No luggage or bags with wheels are allowed.
        • Do not bring weapons, aerosol sprays or glass containers.
        • The people with reduced mobility can easily access the Colosseum as paths at all the available routes are marked. Some tours may not be wheelchair accessible, so be sure to check the tour details or opt for a private tour.
        • It is highly recommended to get your tickets ahead of time online and because tours for the Colosseum at night sell out fast.
        • The Colosseum tour prices vary and can cost anywhere from 30€ up to 100€, or more. The type of tour you choose will be reflected in the price and duration of the tour.

        Know Before you Go

        Covid Safety Measures:

        • All the areas that customers come in contact with are frequently cleaned

        • In order to reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited 

        • Customers are required to bring and wear face masks

        • There is a mandatory temperature check for customers 

        • Social distancing standards must be maintained inside the monument

        Special Colosseum Night Tickets:

        • The Colosseum night ticket does not include entrance to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill (these areas remain closed at night).

        • It is up to the Colosseum administration to determine what areas are accessible during the Colosseum night visit. It is not guaranteed that either the arena or the underground will be accessible to visitors at night.

        What to bring:

        • Weather-appropriate clothing

        • Comfortable shoes

        • Passport or ID card

        • Water

        Things that are not allowed:

        • Pets

        • Drones

        • Any kind of weapons or sharp objects are not allowed.

        • Luggage or large bags, even smaller bags with wheels, are not allowed.

        Getting There

        • Metro: The Colosseum metro stop is located on the B line of Rome’s metro. Check the map at your local station.
        • Regional Train - Take the underground line B from the Termini Station and get off at the Colosseum stop.
        • Bus - There are many public buses that stop in front of the Amphitheatre on your Colosseum tour: 75, 81, 85, 87, 117, 118.
        • Car: There are paid parking spots available in the neighbourhoods surrounding the Colosseum.
        • Tram: Tram #3 passes the Colosseum
        • Bicycle: The Colosseum is accessible by bike, just make sure to lock your bike in an appropriate place. Bikes that are locked to the railings in archaeological areas could be taken by the police.

        Note: The Imperial Forum Road is closed to car and bus traffic on Sundays, which means it’s the perfect time to go for rental bikes or take a nice walk along via Fori Imperiali towards the Colosseum. Some bus routes are deviated on Sundays, so be sure to allow extra time to arrive.

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