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Since 80 AD, the Colosseum of Rome has been a symbol of the city and is considered one of Italy’s, if not the world’s, top monuments. Approximately 50,000 spectators gathered in the amphitheater’s tiered seats to relish the gladiatorial games. Over the years, parts of its original marble facade were pilfered to build the likes of St. Peter’s Basilica, despite this the Colosseum remains remarkably intact today after 2,000 years.

The Colosseum is the second most popular attraction in Italy, after the Vatican, and hosts millions of visitors every year. What exactly does this mean? It means that ticket lines and large crowds will be practically unavoidable. Without special access to skip-the-line tour tickets, there’s virtually no chance of entering the Colosseum without hassle or a long wait in line. That’s why a Colosseum guided tour is the ideal way to visit the monument. You can enjoy the history of the monument while strolling with an experienced guide. Best of all, you won’t have to wait in line for tickets.

There are a number of Colosseum tour options available for you to choose from. These tours are suited to any age or interest. Examples include a Colosseum underground tour that has a network of passages and is explored straight beneath the arena floor. You can also explore the third tier of the Colosseum with a small-group guided tour. Perhaps a Colosseum night tour that offers relief from the daytime heat along with an eerie experience is what you are looking for. No matter what type of Colosseum guided tour you choose, walking into the Colosseum without waiting in line will put a smile on your face.

You can also choose your Colosseum guided tour according to your preference from group tours, private tours, and self-guided audio tours to gain an understanding of this well-preserved Roman monument and its historical significance.

Tour Highlights

Skip The Line Colosseum Tour

  • Skip long entrance lines and walk right into the most prominent attraction of Rome - with the Colosseum guided tour you will be accompanied by a local expert guide and a small group

  • There are two levels of the Colosseum that you will explore while your guide entertains you with anecdotes and details about the gladiators and emperors that once filled the monument.

  • Ancient history becomes more enjoyable to listen to and understand when explained by a dedicated and passionate guide.

  • If you choose the Colosseum virtual tour you will get to see what the structure looked like during its glory days.

A walk through Ancient Rome 

  • In addition to fast-track entry during the Colosseum guided tour, you'll skip the entrance lines with special access to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill through your Roman Forum tickets. 

  • Upon entering you will find masterpieces of ancient architecture like palaces, temples, monuments and markets. These are the same streets that were once frequently walked by great historical figures like Julius Caesar. 

  • Your guide’s wealth of knowledge will transport you back in time and display the hidden scenes behind the ruins that are otherwise so hard to interpret.

  • Exploring the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with the Colosseum virtual tour is an experience like no other. This is the only way to really appreciate the true grandeur and scale that once was.

Easy Breezy

  • Every member of the guide team is always excited about sharing their historical insights on Ancient Rome and is an expert in their field. 

  • With a small group size the tour guide can easily maneuver the group and individual headsets keep participants easily engaged with what the guide has to say. 

  • With the Colosseum guided tour you will experience the remnants of discovery, decay and rise.

    Visitor Highlights

    • There are special Colosseum tours available for visitors every day. You can just choose the guided tour and time that is best suited to you, buy the special access ticket and skip the line at the entrance. This way you can save time to explore the rest of Rome. 

    • Exploring the archeological area with a Colosseum tour guide is undoubtedly the best way to make the most of your visit. Without the knowledge of a local expert, you could possibly walk right past something of historical significance and never know it.

    • By taking a Colosseum guided tour, you’ll get a better sense of the Colosseum Amphitheatre and an insight into its many uses. Along with this, you’ll also learn many interesting facts about the historic site. 

    • Upon the choice of your guided Colosseum tours, the timing will vary from 1.5 to 3 hours. Depending on the route that the tour follows, it may be possible (depending on Covid-19 restrictions) to stay inside the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill after the tour has concluded. 

    • A Colosseum audio guide is also a great option for travellers that do not have enough time for a Colosseum guided tour. With an audio guide, you can visit the Colosseum at your own pace and still enjoy the fascinating history.

    • Colosseum tour guides are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their knowledge. Experiencing Ancient Rome with a guide will definitely be one of the highlights of your time in Rome.

    • No matter which option you choose - Colosseum guided tour or Colosseum audio guide - you will be exploring 2,000+ years of history. Immersing yourself in Ancient Roman culture is the only way to truly appreciate and understand the glory of the Roman Empire.

    • Except January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th, the Colosseum tours are available all year round.

      Travel Tips

      • Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time, this will ensure you have enough time to find your meeting point for the Colosseum guided tour.
      • While there are a few on-site toilets at the Colosseum, the waiting time can take a while. So be prepared!
      • You won’t find any luggage facilities, restaurants or cafes on-site.
      • All of the entrances to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill have a mandatory security check. This check cannot be avoided and is necessary for the safety of all visitors.
      • Only small bags are allowed inside the Colosseum. No luggage or bags with wheels are allowed.
      • The people with reduced mobility can easily access the Colosseum as paths at all the available routes are marked. Some tours may not be wheelchair accessible, so be sure to check the tour details or opt for a private Colosseum tour.
      • It is highly recommended to get your tickets ahead of time online and set aside the majority of your day to properly enjoy the Colosseum visit.
      • The Colosseum tour prices vary and can cost anywhere from 30€ up to 100€, or more. The type of tour you choose - express, underground, arena - will be reflected in the price and duration of the tour.

      Know Before You Go

      Covid Safety measures:

      • All the areas that customers come in contact with are frequently cleaned

      • In order to reduce crowds, the number of visitors is limited 

      • Customers are required to bring and wear face masks

      • There is a mandatory temperature check for customers 

      • Social distancing standards must be maintained inside the monument

      What to bring:

      • Weather-appropriate clothing

      • Comfortable shoes

      • Passport or ID card

      • Water

      • Sunscreen

      Arena entrance & Reduced price tickets:

      • As the Colosseum Arena Floor is a restricted area, visitors will have to provide details such as their full name, date of birth, and a valid ID card as they’re entering the monument.

      • People who have booked tickets at the reduced price for ages 2 to 15 years old will also be required to show an ID.

      Things that are not allowed:

      • Pets

      • Drones

      • Aerosol sprays

      • Any kind of weapons or sharp objects.

      • Luggage or large bags. Even smaller bags with wheels are not allowed.

      Getting There

      • Metro: The Colosseum metro stop is located on the B line of Rome’s metro. Check the map at your local station.
      • Regional Train - Take the underground line B from the Termini Station and get off at the Colosseum stop.
      • Bus - There are many public buses that stop in front of the Amphitheatre on your Colosseum tour: 75, 81, 85, 87, 117, 118.
      • Car: There are paid parking spots available in the neighbourhoods surrounding the Colosseum.
      • Tram: Tram #3 passes the Colosseum
      • Bicycle: The Colosseum is accessible by bike, just make sure to lock your bike in an appropriate place. Bikes that are locked to the railings in archaeological areas could be taken by the police.

      Note: The Imperial Forum Road is closed to car and bus traffic on Sundays, which means it’s the perfect time to go for rental bikes or take a nice walk along via Fori Imperiali towards the Colosseum. Some bus routes are deviated on Sundays, so be sure to allow extra time to arrive.

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